The Rumor Mill |  "Steiner admits meeting with Mazepin" Rumours

The Rumor Mill | "Steiner admits meeting with Mazepin"

By Robert McGillivray 09 October 2020 | 10:44

There is a lot of speculation in Formula 1 about transfers of team bosses and drivers. Young drivers also want to be put forward as potential replacements for drivers on the current grid. In the Rumor Mill you can read all the latest speculation about the future of Formula 1.

"Steiner admits meeting with Mazepin"

TGünther Steiner admitted to having a cup of coffee at the Nürburgring with Russian multimillionaire Nikita Mazepin. "I have known him for a long time and he was with the family in our motorhome. We've had coffee, no more than that", reported the Italian according to GrandPX. The rich Russian and the team boss will probably not have talked about a takeover, but perhaps a seat will be reserved for Mazepin Jr. at the American team in 2021? Possibly at the expense of Romain Grosjean?

Wolff blocks Red Bull motor deal because of Verstappen

According to the Daily Express, Red Bull Racing wants a Mercedes engine in the car of Max Verstappen and Alexander Albon, but Toto Wolff is blocking the deal. Also, Lewis Hamilton wouldn't want his closest rival to have the power to close the gap. It is not yet clear whether Wolff will extend his stay as Mercedes team boss, but if the 48-year-old remains the boss, Red Bull will probably have to look elsewhere.

Intercepted Letter Carey: Brazilian GP no Longer at Interlagos

A intercepted letter from Formula 1 boss Chase Carey states that the Brazilian Grand Prix will no longer be held at Interlagos from 2021 onwards. The popular circuit will be exchanged for Rio de Janeiro, according to the letter. Negotiations are said to have already been concluded and an official announcement will follow as soon as the Brazilian authorities have given their backing.

"Horner and Marko propose the acquisition of Honda branch to Mateschitz"

According to Missed Apex, a relatively large Formula 1 podcast, Christian Horner and Helmut Marko have been spotted in Austria. They would be here to present a financial plan to Dietrich Mateschitz to take over the Honda branch in Milton Keynes. This would enable Red Bull to produce its own engines after the departure of the Japanese engine supplier.

Also read: Horner: "No engine-related clause in Verstappen's contract"

Mazepin associated with AlphaTauri

It is clear that the Mazepin family seems to be betting on a Formula 1 seat for the 21-year-old Formula 2 driver Nikita. Not only is the Russian associated with a seat at Haas F1, now the son of businessman and billionaire Dmitry Mazepin is also linked to AlphaTauri, according to At the Russian Grand Prix, father Dmitry talked to Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko, possibly about a seat at the Italian team.

Perez cancels options at Haas due to Mazepin' negotiations

Racing Point driver Sergio Perez has cancelled negotiations with Haas, reports F1 Insider. He would have done this because he was told that the father of the Russian Nikita Mazepin wants to take over the team so that his son gets a seat there. Perez is looking for a seat himself because he has to make way for Sebastian Vettel next year.

Mazepin is currently sixth in the Formula 2 championship, but he can still finish third, which is a prerequisite for obtaining the F1 Super License. However, this could still be changed, as FIA President Jean Todt wants to relax the regulations as the season has been shortened by the corona pandemic.

"Perez in trouble, Mazepin possibly to Haas F1"

Motorsport reports that Haas has an attractive offer on the table to give the Russian driver Nikita Mazepin a seat. The driver's father will take a big bag of money with him to the team. The driver is almost assured of his super license, after which he has all the cards in hand for a seat with the American team.

Meanwhile, this is bad news for Sergio Pérez, who until recently was mentioned as the big contender for a seat at Haas. Still, the Mexican does not have to fear that he has nowhere to go. Rumour has it that he has a chance with Williams, now that the British race stable has been taken over by Dorilton Capital. The contracts of Nicholas Latifi and George Russell are said to be in jeopardy as a result.

'Mercedes to make double announcement in Eifel'

According to Corriere dello Sport, Mercedes will make two announcements soon. In addition to confirming a three-year contract extension with Lewis Hamilton, Toto Wolff will also commit himself to the German racing team for longer, the Italian site suggested. The only reason this announcement did not come out at Russia was because Hamilton had not managed to match Michael Schumacher's world record. So the announcement is on the agenda for the Eifel Grand Prix for the time being.

Daily Mail: 'Hamilton to extend contract with Mercedes for three years'
According to the Daily Mail, the deal is done: Lewis Hamilton would have his contract with Mercedes renewed in the coming days. The British site reports that multiple sources have indicated that the reigning world champion will be singing a new agreement, which will link Hamilton to Mercedes for three more years. Hamilton's salary is said to be 40 million pounds (about 48 million euros) a year; his annual income thus remains virtually the same.  



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