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Max Verstappen

Is Verstappen going to drive more carefully? 'Yes you can, then you would be last'

Max Verstappen does not intend to change much in his driving style and that much was clear from the answers he gave to the reporters during the press meet at Barcelona. Most of the questions were predictably about the crash with teammate Daniel Ricciardo in Baku.

According to De Limburger, Max was irritated with the questions. Some reporters tried to explain to him that a few opinion makers think he should take less risk. 'That's why they are not a Formula 1 driver', he shot back.

When the reporters countered that some opinions are from former drivers, Verstappen continued to stick to his position. "They say that now. If you do that, you will drive around for ten years and then it is: it was fun and goodbye. That's not how I am."

Finally, they asked if a driver can drive one or two percent more carefully? 'Yes you can, then you would be the last one'. In other words, Verstappen will not change his driving style and will take risks when he feels it is worth it. (Photo: Red Bull Content Pool)

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