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Vettel does not make a big deal: 'It felt like the right choice'

Sebastian Vettel gave away a podium finish due to a very controversial choice. Vettel was the only one to drive a two-stop race as he took an extra pit stop during the virtual safety car. The second stop cost him a track position and he fell behind Max Verstappen from the second place.

Speaking with Skysports, Vettel said: "It was not an option to keep on driving. We had more degradation than the others today. It may seem like a wrong choice, but it felt like the right thing to do,"

"In general, we were slightly faster than Verstappen, but as time went by, we lost speed. He drove more or less the same lap times. We were just not fast enough and even later, I was not really fast while I had faster tires," the German driver explained after the race.


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