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Ricciardo: 'We thought we would be a few tenths slower, not six'

Daniel Ricciardo is unhappy with the big gap they have with Mercedes. "That's very unpleasant," quoted him. "I thought we would’ve been a couple tenths from the pole, not six-tenths," the driver grumbled. "I don’t really know what I could’ve done more with what we had."

"And then the two one-thosandths of a gap [to Verstappen], yeah, that’s not nice either. But that’s what it is" he tries to accept the situation. According to the Australian, the softs were the best tyres for Red Bull so he opted for it in the second stint of Q3, while Max Verstappen went for the super soft.

“In Q3, I think we both put in a strong lap on the super-softs which wasn’t, I don’t think, our preferred tyre,” says Ricciardo. “I think that just the way the car’s feeling this weekend, I thought we were more comfortable on the softs. That’s why I went for that tyre in the second part of Q3.” The Australian explained.

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