Verstappen does not want to know about any clause: "I just signed until 2023" Max Verstappen

Verstappen does not want to know about any clause: "I just signed until 2023"

By Moritz Voss 11 October 2020 | 12:54

Max Verstappen expects to simply stay with Red Bull until 2023. Because the team is also not competitive enough this year and Honda will stop supplying engines after 2021, there were many rumors about an escape clause. Nevertheless, Verstappen focuses on the period up to and including 2023 and rules out an early departure for the time being. 

Verstappen will remain loyal to Red Bull in the coming years, he claims. "I also signed a contract for that", says the Limburger. "I have a good feeling about the team. Anyways, I don't like talking about my contract. Ultimately, we both want to win and achieve our goals. That is why I will simply fulfill my contract with Red Bull until 2023."

A possible switch to Mercedes is therefore not foreseeable, Verstappen says in an interview with Focus. "I don't even think about that. I will fully concentrate on the remaining years at Red Bull and then I will see."


Outages biggest setback in difficult season

2020 is not the year that Verstappen and Red Bull had hoped for, so far. Besides the fact that the season has been shaped differently by the corona virus, Mercedes is more dominant than ever. In all races so far, the Silver Arrows  started on pole position.

"The outages and defects, in particular, killed us. That just wasn't ideal. In addition, we simply lack speed compared to Mercedes. We are trying to get faster, but we cannot change much about the car, not even next year. That's the way it is", says Max. He is referring to the new token system introduced by the FOM and the FIA. 


"Do my very best to make their lives miserable"

All in all, Verstappen has to make do with the opportunities he gets. The challenge is to get the most out of every race weekend. "You have to make the most of it. I just have to be at least third behind Mercedes. Then it's okay. When a team is as dominant as them, you just can't do anything. I do my very best to make life difficult for them and then it stops." (Photo: Red Bull Content Pool / Getty Images)



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