Verstappen: "Doesn't matter if it rains or not, we're still coming up short" Max Verstappen

Verstappen: "Doesn't matter if it rains or not, we're still coming up short"

By Dennis Schnitzler 10 October 2020 | 10:38

Max Verstappen has to be lucky to win the Grand Prix of the Eifel. As far as he's concerned, it doesn't matter if it's wet or dry: Red Bull Racing is still coming up short.

That's what he says in conversation with Ziggo Sport. The podium is certainly a possibility, but for a victory he has to be lucky, says the Dutchman himself. "We should be realistic, because in general we are too slow. We have to be lucky to win, both in the dry and in the wet".

Verstappen is normally strong in the rain, but he doesn't expect to be able to make much of a difference if it rains on Sunday at the Nürburging. "If your car is that good, it performs well in the rain too, so well that as a driver you can't make much of a difference". The Red Bull Racing driver is referring to the strong Mercedes, which is so fast in the dry that it's fast even in wet conditions. "It doesn't matter to me if it's raining or if it is dry, we're still going to be short".

He doesn't want to make the comparison with the Brazilian Grand Prix of 2016, when Verstappen did an exceptionally strong rain race. "We had a pretty good car at the time, but we lacked power. Now we lack power and grip".

Cancelled Friday practice sessions

Due to the cancelled Friday trainings, the goal for Saturday at the Nürburging is clear for Verstappen: drive as many laps as possible. "We have to drive tomorrow and then we'll see. You have to drive more laps in a row at the beginning in order to understand the track better. It's not like I have never driven a Formula 1 car before". (Photo: Red Bull Content Pool / Getty Images)



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