Verstappen is single again: "I'm alone again" Max Verstappen

Verstappen is single again: "I'm alone again"

By Dennis Schnitzler 10 October 2020 | 12:43

Max Verstappen is single again. Prior to the Grand Prix weekend in the Eifel, the Dutchman was asked how his girlfriend is doing. To German TV station RTL he briefly indicates that his relationship has come to an end.

Verstappen was presented with a sign full of questions by the station's presenter, Kai Ebel. One by one he pulled the stickers off the board, after which the question came up. The first question was already about Dilara Sanlik, now the ex of the Red Bull Racing driver.

"That's a good start", says the Limburger when he reveals the first question. Max Verstappen girlfriend. "That's the first thing you ask? I don't have one anymore". That's how he lets the world know that it's over between himself and Sanlik. "I'm alone again, Kai".

The ex of Verstappen

Sanlik and Verstappen had been together for quite some time now and the German could also been found regularly along the tracks with Victoria and Sophia, the driver's sister and mother. (Photos: IG Maxverstappen1; dilara.sanlik updates33)



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