Palmer: "Verstappen decided to go for the escape route sooner than Sainz" Max Verstappen

Palmer: "Verstappen decided to go for the escape route sooner than Sainz"

By Robert McGillivray 30 September 2020 | 11:39

Jolyon Palmer analysed the crash of Carlos Sainz in the second turn. The Spaniard did not come out of the exit lane unscathed. Max Verstappen, who took the same lane just before, did. Why does the Dutchman succeed and his old Toro Rosso colleague does not?

"It's not so much the curve itself that causes problems, but the lane after that", is how the Brit opens his story about the Sainz accident via Formula 1. "The current regulations around that curve only seem to cause problems".

"Turn two cost a Formula 1 driver the race for the first time this year. Sainz did what GP2 driver (now Formula 2, ed.) Artem Markelov did five years ago," continues Palmer. "In his home race in 2015, the Russian was also unable to avoid the wall that cost Sainz his race."

Sainz ends up next to the track

The former Renault driver remembers well what those first seconds looked like for the future Ferrari man: "Sainz braked deep into turn two and had Lance Stroll on the inside. That meant that he had to give way".

"Because he knew the regulations, he drove towards the exit lane to get back onto the track in the right way. Of course, this is done in such a way that the drivers lose as few points as possible - so the drivers take that lane as quickly as possible". In fact, it's comparable to how Verstappen did it.

Difference between Verstappen and Sainz

Why did the Dutchman manage to continue his race after using the exit lane? "Max just had a better line because he decided to go for the escape route earlier. That's why he was able to take the turn well and lose relatively few positions".

"Sainz' attempt to stay on the track when he was forced out of that corner forced him to drive around those blocks at a tighter angle," Palmer compares. "So in order to take the corner effectively, he would have had to take the throttle back. He didn't, and then he crashed". (Photo: Red Bull Content Pool/Getty Images)



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