Hülkenberg about party animal Verstappen: "Most shameless guy I know" Max Verstappen

Hülkenberg about party animal Verstappen: "Most shameless guy I know"

By Robert McGillivray 26 September 2020 | 12:07

Not Kimi Raikkonen, but Max Verstappen is the party animal of Formula 1. At least that is what Nico Hülkenberg thinks. The German, until last year also active in Formula 1, has known Verstappen since their time together in karting. 

"Max is a real class act," says Hülkenberg in the GQ podcast, quoted by Motorsport-total. "He is both on the track and in the club." He doesn't leave many things out. "He's also the most shameless guy I know, just a cool guy. He's authentic and direct, I get on well with him."

Hülkenberg also speaks quite a bit of Dutch. In karting, Verstappen and Hülkenberg rode for the same team, so the two got along a lot. "In that team, I got to know Jos and Max so well. I always spoke Dutch with them, so no one could understand us".

"He wasn't much of a party animal back then, but now he goes to the limit in every aspect of life. He's just really alive. On the track, he lives with the motto 'work hard, play hard'. He treats himself to something and then celebrates victory as it should be. That's the way it's supposed to be when you look at the past," concludes the German. (Photo: Getty Images/Red Bull Content Pool)



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