Verstappen: "Why would Hamilton go to Red Bull?" Max Verstappen

Verstappen: "Why would Hamilton go to Red Bull?"

By Robert McGillivray 25 September 2020 | 05:11

Max Verstappen doesn't understand why Eddie Jordan suggested that Lewis Hamilton should come to Red Bull Racing. In the press conference in Sochi, he takes up the suggestion of the former F1 team boss and looks back on the most recent race, in which he experienced a technical failure and crash on lap one.

Jordan made the controversial statement about the two top drivers at Ziggo Sport. Verstappen doesn't care about the words of the Irishman: "All I am focused on is winning the title. Why would Lewis Hamilton go to Red Bull? We both want to win and Hamilton is on the right team at the moment".

"It's quite impressive that he's managed to win so many races and titles," continues Verstappen when he is reminded of Michael Schumacher's record as the six-time world champion this weekend. "But I don't really think about that. I don't really care how many wins or titles my opponents have won".

Verstappen is over disappointing Mugello

The Dutchman also looks back on the disappointing Grand Prix weekend at Mugello. He can laugh about it afterwards: "It was a tough trip but at least the food was good. I was also able to do only a few laps in Mugello".

"I went straight home after that and didn't really think much more about it. I mainly spent time with friends and didn't occupy myself with that triple header for a while", the Dutchman calmly continues on Sochi. 

"What is more important is that we find the causes of the problems that occurred. We've now had three engine failures in nine races," concludes the Red Bull Racing driver. (Photo: Red Bull Content Pool/Getty Images)



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