Dutch pundit saves Verstappen during interview "No more questions!" Max Verstappen

Dutch pundit saves Verstappen during interview "No more questions!"

By Robert McGillivray 24 September 2020 | 13:50

Dutch F1 commentator Olav Mol doesn't think Max Verstappen's frustrations are structural. At the previous Grand Prix, the driver had come in front of Ziggo's cameras quite frustrated. He said he was 'finished with it for a while' and 'didn't feel like it anymore'. 

"Max was telling the truth. When Max said that, I immediately shouted in the interviewer's ear: Don't ask any more questions", Mol says in an interview with Motorsport.com. "I thought that was a nice ending to the interview. You can keep on asking, then you have the chance to catch him making statements that are later used against him".

With his third DNF this year, Verstappen is eighty points behind Lewis Hamilton. That means that the title chances are over. That while there was optimism prior to the season within Red Bull Racing. People spoke of the best winter ever. Mol doesn't think that's all big talk, though.

Verstappen can only go for race wins

"Marko can't say that it won't happen again this year. I can understand why he was saying this before the new season". Mol goes on to say that it's all about details in the sport. "As far as I know, the two technical failures at Verstappen are due to a problem with a sensor, which actually means that a cable is broken."

"Then you hear Max on the radio that he has no 'power', which implies that the engine is broken. At the same time, that is not the case, because that motor comes back in one piece". Verstappen will only go for race wins, Mol thinks. "As a driver, Verstappen is still the top of Formula 1, along with Lewis Hamilton. I don't think that is something others can get close to." (Photo: Red Bull Content Pool/Getty Images)




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