Opinion | Marko and Verstappen must stop the false promises Max Verstappen

Opinion | Marko and Verstappen must stop the false promises

By Robert McGillivray 15 September 2020 | 02:24

Now that it's clear that Max Verstappen will not become world champion, here they are again: The time-honoured false promises by Red Bull Racing. Both Max Verstappen and Helmut Marko are already guilty of it. 

Marko already announced on August 1st that there will be no more title for Red Bull Racing before 2022. According to the Austrian: "Rule changes are necessary to get Verstappen on the highest podium of F1. Freezing the regulations means that it will not be easy to defeat Mercedes," said Marko.

Verstappen did precisely the same this weekend. "I hope we get closer to Mercedes next year. I don't think we will beat them though," he said to ORF about 2021. Then he says exactly the same thing as Marko. "With corona, you can't change that much about the car. But I hope that in 2022, with the new regulations, there will be a new opportunity for us".

These are texts that we have been hearing for years. First, during the cooperation with Renault. That the engine would get better etcetera. Then this turned out not to work, and they started working on the project with Honda. "I expect 2019 to be an interim year for us. We won't really be ready until 2020", Horner said at the time. Now that Verstappen is a long way behind in the World Cup, we can say that it will not happen again.

Perhaps the gentlemen should just stop talking about the future? Because I can understand that the fans are beginning to get fed up with it. Nobody believes it any more. It is beating about the bush. And you actually look like a dick every year when it is not happening again. Better just focus on making the car and the engine stronger and stop talking about when Red Bull will be competitive for the world title.

I would also think it would be fair to Renault if Honda gets its ass kicked in the media. We already have two DNFs in a week's time. How many more set-backs must Verstappen get if he is going to criticise the Japanese? I am curious how much longer he can hold back.

Finally, in qualifying, the Renault engine is even more competitive than the Honda engine. Marko himself admitted this. Then you can even, in the most pessimistic case, question the transition to Honda. How much progress has Red Bull made over the years? I ask myself out loud. Verstappen probably wonders that as well while sipping a cappuccino in Monaco after two weeks with zero points. (Photo: Red Bull Content Pool/Getty Images)



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