Brundle wouldn't be surprised by transfer Verstappen: "Max will be looking around" Max Verstappen

Brundle wouldn't be surprised by transfer Verstappen: "Max will be looking around"

By Robert McGillivray 30 July 2020 | 09:54

If Red Bull Racing continues to struggle to master the RB16, Martin Brundle won't be surprised if Max Verstappen starts looking around for other teams. That's what the Sky Sports commentator tells

Verstappen has been aiming for a world title with Red Bull Racing for a number of seasons, but in 2020 the Dutchman had a false start again with a failure in Austria and a consistently slower car than Mercedes. "I think he is very frustrated. I mean, after just a few laps this season he dropped out, and what did we say? DNF's are not an option, and he has one," says Brundle, who does expect Red Bull Racing to get the RB16 up and running this season.

Verstappen to Mercedes?

The ex-Formula 1 driver won't be surprised if it turns out that Verstappen looks around quietly if Red Bull Racing doesn't succeed in that mission. He does nuance that statement. "I think we're going to hear more frustrated radio messages, but his team has been really great at the pit stops and did a great job getting him to the start in Hungary. And I think he really appreciates that, to some extent, as a sort of one for all, all for one situation"

"But Max will also look around and think: how am I going to win a world championship?", Brundle continues. "If Mercedes continues to compete, he will be thinking: how am I going to get into that Mercedes at some point?" (Photo: Red Bull Content Pool / Getty Images)



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