Verstappen: "Racing Point will never compete for the World Championship" Max Verstappen

Verstappen: "Racing Point will never compete for the World Championship"

By Adam Wills 21 July 2020 | 19:34

Max Verstappen is quite skeptical of Racing Point when it comes to their championship aspirations. The Dutchman recognizes the increasing threat of the 'pink Mercedes' but doubts whether they can sustain their current form over a longer period of time.

Racing Point is under heavy fire from Renault, who believe that the RP20 too closely resembles the 2019 Mercedes. Racing Point has openly admitted that they used last years Mercedes for inspiration, but claim to have fully developed the car by themselves. According to Verstappen, this type of mechanical strategy will fail to truly produce the results needed to compete for the F1 title. "They will never compete for the World Championship. At least, not if you compare them to Mercedes."

The Red Bull driver references the distance between the factory team and Racing Point when asked about their chances to win the championship. "They are well behind Mercedes, so no. In fact, if you copy, you are always behind.”, he reports to RaceFans. (Photo: Red Bull Content Pool / Getty Images)



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