Horner confirms: Verstappen's Honda technical problems Max Verstappen

Horner confirms: Verstappen's Honda technical problems

By Adam Wills 07 July 2020 | 14:44

Christian Horner has indicated that the failure in Max Verstappen's car during the race at the Red Bull Ring is due to Honda's technical problems. The Red Bull Racing team boss indicates that more work needs to be done together with the Japanese engine manufacturer in order to address the issue. He also elaborates on a potential DAS system that can be used in the Red Bull cars.

"We have examined all parts further. We know what the problem is and need to solve it now with Honda,'' the Red Bull team boss told ServusTV. The Japanese manufacturer has supplied a renewed version of the power source, which may be a sufficient solution to the problem.

Horner explains in the rest of the interview that problem essentially lies with Honda. He notes that all Honda-powered cars are at risk of failure: "I am very confident that we will find a solution for all four cars."

Red Bull challenges the DAS system

Horner also delves deeper into Mercedes' DAS system. "In our opinion, it was a gray area. Mercedes has argued that the DAS system is part of the steering system. We think it is part of the suspension in the form they use it in."

During the discussion it emerged that Mercedes was not using the system irregularly. According to Horner, it comes down to the following: "Essentially, Mercedes is using it to warm up the tires."

Red Bull is making progress

Red Bull would like to take advantage of the gap in the regulations that is currently being exploited by their competitor. They have already started brainstorming: "We have pumped in a lot of resources. Maybe we will go for a more extreme solution, now that we know that it is allowed. " (Photo: Red Bull Content Pool / Getty Images)



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