Verstappen: 'I trust that the men in the factory are smarter' Max Verstappen

Verstappen: 'I trust that the men in the factory are smarter'

By Thorsten Hendriks 03 July 2020 | 17:35

Max Verstappen knows how Red Bull Racing can trump Mercedes in the coming period. According to the Dutchman it's a matter of keeping focus and work hard. His team receives the full confidence of the eight-time race winner.

Verstappenen's answer in conversation with the BBC on how Mercedes can be outsmarted is clear: 'We have to be better. We have to work harder and try to perform more. From Honda's side too. We have to try to get everything out, that's not easy because the rest of the grid also works full speed'.

To outsmart the direct competition, our guys in Milton Keynes have to be crafty. That has been entrusted to the Red Bull Racing engineers, says Verstappen: 'I trust that the men in the factory are smarter than the competition.'

Verstappen: 'A fourth or fifth place isn't enough anymore'.

This year Verstappen really wants to fight for the championship. This is once again evident when he talks to the British medium: 'As a driver you have to believe in yourself throughout your career and believe that you are the best. From this year on we have to fight for the title.'

'A fourth or fifth place isn't enough anymore. We must always be able to fight for victories.' The Red Bull Racing driver said the times when he had to make his way forward from the third row of the grid should be over.

Fighting on the track

Verstappen is seen as one of the most talented drivers on the grid. With enormous overtaking power, a race with cars is usually not a problem for him, but sometimes: 'Some drivers are more difficult to overtake than others, without mentioning names'.

'I like to fight on the track. I hope we are going to have an exciting season and give people a lot of fun from behind the TV', concludes the Limburger. (Photo: Red Bull Content Pool/Getty Images)



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