Verstappen hoping for fastest car: 'Nobody really knows who's on top' Max Verstappen

Verstappen hoping for fastest car: 'Nobody really knows who's on top'

By Srihari HS 19 June 2020 | 20:02

Max Verstappen doesn't know any more than Formula 1 fans when it comes to the fastest car in Formula 1. The Red Bull Racing driver finds it difficult to say which racing outfit will have the fastest car in the first two Grands Prix in Austria.

The Dutchman admitted this in an interview with the official Red Bull website. "I’m pleased we start in Austria as I liked my last two race results there, but nobody really knows who will be on top this year as it is such a strange start to the season and it has been so long since testing."

Verstappen thinks there will be no shortage of fireworks. "It’s going to be an exciting start for the fans at home, so hopefully we can put on a good show for them."

Nearly finished Netflix

In recent weeks, the Dutch driver had to spend a lot of time in his apartment in Monaco because of the coronavirus. "They were very strict in Monaco on how long you were allowed to be outside for at the start of lockdown, so I had all my exercise equipment at home – and with my trainer as well – so it’s worked really well."

"I’ve got rowing and skiing machines and I’ve also got my Wattbike, bands and weights at home. I installed the bike in the living room so I have the TV on and it kills an hour – I’d say I’ve nearly finished Netflix," said Verstappen. (Photo: Red Bull Content Pool)



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