Verstappen: "That's why I decided not to drive a test session" Max Verstappen

Verstappen: "That's why I decided not to drive a test session"

By Tomas Mota 16 June 2020 | 13:36

Max Verstappen explains why he chose not to test before the Austrian Grand Prix. According to the Dutchman, the material is not comparable, so taking part in a practice session before traveling to the Red Bull Ring for the season opener makes little sense.

Verstappen admits that he did have the opportunity. But according to Sky Sports Germany, he kindly declined: "Then you have to drive an old car with tires that are not comparable to those used in Austria. That's why I decided not to partake in a test session."

According to Verstappen, it makes no sense to test with an old car and old tires. But the 22-year-old expects it to be a matter of time before he regains the feeling in the RB16: "Three or four laps on the Red Bull Ring and we're back."

"It always takes me little time to get that feeling back because I used to practice with my father to get back to the limit as soon as possible. That has worked well so far", the Red Bull Racing driver continues. He expects the first free practice session to be sufficient to find his rhythm.

Verstappen in top form

During the lockdown, the Limburger was mainly concerned with keeping in shape. That worked out well, he affirms: "I trained more than ever before because we simply had more time for it. I think I'm in better shape than I was in Australia." (Photo: Red Bull Content Pool / Getty Images)



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