Verstappen about Red Bull factory visit: '"Let's see how we are going to do that" Max Verstappen

Verstappen about Red Bull factory visit: '"Let's see how we are going to do that"

By Tomas Mota 23 May 2020 | 09:59

Max Verstappen cannot wait for the start of the Formula 1 season. His days are filled with training at home and racing on the simulator, but if it was up to Verstappen to decide, the real work can start again. 

Due to the coronavirus, the Red Bull Racing factory in Milton Keynes is closed. "Our team will be able to return to work at the beginning of June", said Verstappen in an interview with his website. "We have yet to see how we are going to do that with my simracing days and whether that will work with the measures that apply to Great Britain."

With or without coronavirus, Verstappen will keep in touch with his colleagues from Red Bull. "We've talked a few times. Once even with the whole team at Zoom, that was great. When everyone was logged in, we were online with 800 people."

Verstappen: "Pitstops at Red Bull are incredible"

The new season is expected to start in Austria on the weekend of July 5. It is clear that Verstappen is looking forward to it. "I enjoy being together. My entire crew is very good. (...) Red Bull's pit stops are also incredible. We have the world record, but it takes a lot of training to get to that point. That's very impressive."

It will be difficult for Verstappen to actually visit the factory in England. Anyone who wants to enter the country from 8 June is obliged to be quarantined for 14 days. The authorities are going to randomly check under penalty of a fine of £ 1100 pounds, about 1200 euros. (Photo: Getty Images / Red Bull Content Pool)



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