Windsor: "Verstappen is the main contender for a title in 2020" Max Verstappen

Windsor: "Verstappen is the main contender for a title in 2020"

By Adam Wills 20 May 2020 | 11:35

Peter Windsor believes that Max Verstappen should be the front contender for the champioship this year. According to the British Formula 1 journalist, Verstappen is in the best position out the three biggest drivers on the current grid.

"I think Verstappen will be in great shape. If it is a shorter world championship then it looks excellent for Verstappen," notes Windsor via his own YouTube channel. "The Red Bull will of course be fast in Austria, where the year will start."

A shortened season could easily result in his first championship for the Limburger, Windsor predicts: “I think Max is perfectly positioned to take advantage of the shortened championship. He has a gift, because he can drive manipulatively."

"He can warn his car with very subtle movements while driving. This is crucial because in this sport it is mainly about who has the most control over the car," continues the Brit, who has heard through engineers that many of these subtle movements are not reflected in the data.

There are three drivers on the current grid who have a nose for making these kinds of subtle adjustments: "Charles Leclerc, Lewis Hamilton and Verstappen have a natural talent for this, but in my opinion it is Max who is the main contender for a title in 2020."

Verstappen in favor

Windsor explains why he sees an advantage for Verstappen. First of all, he thinks it's going to be hard for Hamilton to mentally distract himself from what's going on in the world: “It's getting harder and harder for Lewis not to believe he's someone else. It's going to be interesting to see if - after such a long stop - he can shake off everything that has happened in the world. Unlike Hamilton, Max is a 24/7 driver. ”

Finally, he speaks about Leclerc: "Leclerc can keep up with Hamilton and Verstappen technically, but remains inexperienced and aggressive on the track." The shortened championship may be too much of a challenge for the Monegask, Windsor expects. (Photo: Red Bull Content Pool / Getty Images)

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