Verstappen reveals: "That's why I always play with a headset on" Max Verstappen

Verstappen reveals: "That's why I always play with a headset on"

By Thorsten Hendriks 15 May 2020 | 18:40

Max Verstappen has revealed a trick that gives him an advantage during simraces. According to the Dutchman it helps to play with headphones, so you can hear earlier when you start sliding during online races.

Because you don't have the actual feeling of the car during simraces, it's harder to get along when you lose control of the car: 'In the first instance you miss that feeling a little when you brake, it's harder to determine when you lose grip with the car'.

When you're spinning on the track, you notice that it's going wrong a second before that happens. Because you don't feel those G-forces now you have to have much more confidence in the sound of the tyres for example", said the strategy of the Red Bull Racing driver.

Verstappen has found something on the problem: 'That's why I always play with a headset on so you can hear when the tyres start to slide. You hear the sound faster than when you hear sound from speakers, that's why you can react faster with a headset'.

Hours in the simulator useful for Verstappen

Some Formula 1 drivers, such as Lewis Hamilton and Daniel Ricciardo, are vehemently against practice in the simulator. They see it as a game and prefer to train physical strength. Verstappen does see the point in making virtual meters: 'It may sound like it's different from racing in real life. But in the end you still have to qualify, then you are under pressure'.

You're still starting races, you're still catching up, you're trying to avoid collisions, that sort of thing. I think sim racing that way is the best way to stay sharp,' he concludes via Instagram to former Red Bull driver David Coulthard. (Photo: Red Bull Content Pool/Getty Images)

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