Ricciardo more or less blames Verstappen for Baku crash Max Verstappen

Ricciardo more or less blames Verstappen for Baku crash

By Srihari HS 17 May 2018 | 20:17

In an interview with the Spanish site El Confidencial, Daniel Ricciardo has assigned the blame for the Baku crash on Max Verstappen. "People who understand this sport know that it was not my fault," the Australian told the Spanish media.

And that is remarkable since in Baku it was agreed that the blame would fall on both. Ricciardo has broken the silence. 'You hear people say that it was the fault of both drivers, so about 50 percent. I do not think so," he added.

Ricciardo further pointed out that he had made a 'normal' pass with every other driver. But with Verstappen, it went wrong. "For someone else, it would have been "Passed by Daniel". The problem was that I thought I had deceived him (a dummy manoeuvre that would mislead your opponent). That's why I had to go for that pass. I could do nothing else," Ricciardo explained.  

The Aussie did not want to overtake aggressively. 'Although my overtaking comes increasingly late, I think I do it with respect. We all have to drive with respect. Moving in the braking zone almost always causes an accident. I would do the same thing again, let's hope people have a little more respect,' he said, targeting Verstappen.

Finally, talking about the race seat, Red Bull has let Ricciardo know that they want a decision before summer. But the Australian would like to wait until October. "This must be the perfect contract," Ricciardo said, implying it will be a carefully considered decision. (Photo: Red Bull Content Pool)




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