Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton was born january 7th in 1985. The Hamilton family originates in Stevenage. His enormous race talent was visible from an early age on. When he turned six years old, he got a remote controlled car which he used to win national competitions. Soon after his dad gifted him his first Go Kart, after which he developed into one of the most promising talents of his generation.

Formula 1 career

Hamilton's Formula 1 career began in 2007, when he secured a seat next to former world champion Fernando Alonso at McLaren. His excellent first year for the British team, which saw him end up second in the world championship, was rewarded with an extended contract until 2012. In 2008 Hamilton won his first world title with McLaren, winning five races and settling as the hottest talent in the sport.

The rest of the time he drove for McLaren he failed to make an impact, the team failed to deliver a championship-worthy car to their promising young driver. He managed to end up fifth in the championship twice, while also ending up in fourth place twice during this four-year period. In the meantime Red Bull took over as dominant team in Formula 1.

Hamilton transfers from McLaren to Mercedes

It was time for a change and Hamilton decided that McLaren had served him right, but that the team was unable to fulfill his lifelong dream equal Michael Schumacher's record. This turned out to be the best move he could've made, Mercedes proceeded to produce excellent cars from the 2014 season on, giving Hamilton the tools to fight for championship titles again.

In the seven years he drove for Mercedes, only the first season was a dissapointment. Mercedes was not fully up to speed in 2013, forcing Hamilton yet again to accept a fourth place in the championship. From 2014 on both Mercedes and Hamilton found their mojo, the British driver would continue to win all but one championship title up until 2019. Only Nico Rosberg was able to stop him, winning the title in 2016 and ending his career on a high.

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