George Russell

George Russell is a British racing driver who was born on February 15th in King's Lynn. When Russell was eight years old he started Go Karting, winning almost every championship he participated in. When Russell reached a more mature age, Mercedes recognized his potential and since 2017 Russell is active in motorsports as Mercedes junior.

Russell enters Formula 2

Before Russell ended up at Williams, he participated in the Formula 2 and Formula 3 championships. His first year in both series he won the championship, increasing his status als Mercedes youngster. In the Formula 3 championship he beat fellow Britishman Jack Aitken to the title, in the Formula 2 championship he secured the first place in the championship by securing 68 points more than McLaren rookie Lando Norris.

Williams seat secured

In 2019 Williams announced that they chose the Mercedes junior to save the team from a repeat of the dramatic 2018 season. Russell was unable to save the British team from a failed season, but managed to stand his ground well in a team that performed in a mediocre fashion, to say the least.

He managed to outqualify experience teammate Robert Kubica on every occasion while remaining the only Formula 1 driver in 2019 not to take any championship points home. In 2020 Russell will again be driving for Williams, hoping for a seat at Mercedes in the near future.