Flörsch stands up for the fired Abt: "It's just a game!" Formule E

Flörsch stands up for the fired Abt: "It's just a game!"

By Tomas Mota 31 May 2020 | 09:45

Formula 3 driver Sophia Flörsch finds it nonsense that Daniel Abt has been fired from Audi's Formula E team. The German had an eSporter participate in a simrace under his name and, after this was discovered, was fired from his employer in the real racing world. Flörsch thinks that is exaggerated.

"It's just a game", the German responds in disbelief on Twitter. "Everyone knows that others also use simracers. There is no control and too much is written about a game. Of course simracers are faster, it's their job", she continues. "Daniel just provoked something. Don't mix up the virtual with the real."

A simracer gets out and drinks coke

Later, Flörsch returns to her previous tweet to further substantiate her point. "For 99 percent of the drivers, eSports is a game", she says. "Of course simracers are faster. The difference is that a real driver goes into a corner at 200 km/h with a car of more than 500,000 euros. A simracer gets out and drinks a coke." (Photo: Audi Communications Motorsport / Michael Kunkel)



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