Verstappen not happy with safety car: "That's unfair too" Formula 1

Verstappen not happy with safety car: "That's unfair too"

By Tomas Mota 11 October 2020 | 17:24

Max Verstappen does not think it fair how the safety car phase during the Grand Prix of the Eifel went. According to him, the drivers behind him had an unfair advantage in terms of tire temperature.

In the final phase of the race, the safety car came out due to the retirement of Lando Norris. From Charlec Leclerc's P6 downwards, however, everyone was a lap behind, so those drivers were allowed to overtake the field during the neutralisation and un-lap themselves.

Verstappen did not agree with that, he explains to Ziggo Sport. It was very cold during the race, which made it hard for him and his colleagues to warm up the tires. "We were only three or four men who were close together. The rest drove at full throttle and had their tires warm. That's unfair too."

The Dutchman had some problems immediately after the safety car phase. He didn't get away too well, couldn't keep up with race leader Hamilton and was attacked by Daniel Ricciardo. This is because of the tires that were difficult to warm up.

"Don't know if I could get Bottas"

Polesitter Valtteri Bottas also had some problems with the tires. From the leading position, he locked his tires, before being overtaken by teammate Lewis Hamilton. Verstappen saw Bottas struggling, although he is not sure whether he could overtake the Finn at race speed. "I do not know. I had more grain on the front tires. He also locked because his tires were out."

"He locked up massively then and had a flat spot", continues the Red Bull Racing driver. "Difficult to say if I could have overtaken him. In any case, his tires bothered him more than Lewis." (photo: Red Bull Content Pool / Getty Images)



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