Hülkenberg: "Didn't have the energy to talk during the race" Formula 1

Hülkenberg: "Didn't have the energy to talk during the race"

By Tomas Mota 11 October 2020 | 17:13

Nico Hülkenberg is very happy with his result at the Eifel Grand Prix. The German unexpectedly had to fill in for Lance Stroll and was able to drive from twentieth place to eighth in the Racing Point car. Still, the substitute remains in peak performance.

"It was a crazy race and a very crazy story", he admits to Jack Plooij of Ziggo Sport. Hülkenberg is proud of his result, but had to put a lot of effort into keeping up the catch-up race: "I didn't have the energy to talk during the race. It was head down and full throttle!"

Although he became the driver of the day at the Nürburgring and the rumour mill is getting back on track about a possible return, he remains calm. "My plans after the race? I'm going home tomorrow, chill out a bit. We'll see what happens."

"I don't know if this was my last Formula 1 race"

The 2020 season substitute is still unsure about his future. "I don't know if this was my last race in Formula 1", he says. Should it be the last, Hülkenberg is at least proud: "If this really was the last race, then it would be a fun one anyway."

Hülkenberg still has a chance of a seat in the king class of motorsports for 2021: the German driver filled in three times for Racing Point during the 2020 season, of which he was able to start two Grands Prix. In both races he drove well in the points, so he still has the potential to sign for a seat. (Photo: Racing Point F1)



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