Honda engine is still struggling with battery issues: "That's where we lose a lot of time" Formula 1

Honda engine is still struggling with battery issues: "That's where we lose a lot of time"

By Dennis Schnitzler 11 October 2020 | 10:56

This weekend, the problem with the so-called 'clipping' of the Honda engine has not yet been completely solved, technical director Toyoharu Tanabe of the Japanese engine supplier said. Red Bull and Alphatauri lost some time on the straight at the Russia GP, but no concrete solution has been found yet.

Last race weekend the term clipping was used a lot. Max Verstappen's car struggled to generate enough electrical energy during the race and then deploy it on the straights. The phenomenon, which is mainly related to the MGU-K and MGU-H in the engine, caused a speed difference of about six tenths per lap in the previous race. 

Talking to AS-Web, Tanabe says that no golden solution has yet been found to the challenge . "It's not necessarily a problem in itself, it's more of a part where we're losing a lot of time compared to Mercedes".

Despite a crazy weekend, Honda is well prepared

However, Honda is satisfied with the preliminary course of the race weekend, despite the fact that two training sessions were missing. "We had to change programs, but that didn't result in any problems. In the end, we were well prepared and were able to go through all the essentials".

The goals for Tanabe himself in this race are crystal clear: "Finish with four cars and take points. I also want to do better than the previous race. We have to make progress every single week, so we have to do better now than we did last time. I am confident of a good result because the RB16 seemed to be very strong in qualifying". (Photo: Red Bull Content Pool / Getty Images)



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