Rosberg: "Vettel doesn't know how to handle these cars" Formula 1

Rosberg: "Vettel doesn't know how to handle these cars"

By Dennis Schnitzler 09 October 2020 | 20:28

Nico Rosberg wonders what on earth is going on with Sebastian Vettel. The Ferrari driver currently ranks 13th in the championship with just 17 points, compared to fifth last season.

"He used to be so good, but what happened to him now", Rosberg asks Sky Sports F1. "Today's cars are much more sensitive and Vettel can't handle them". According to the former world champion, Vettel has been in a downward spiral ever since the Hockenheim race in 2018, when he dropped out.

"The more negative you are, the less you're performing", notes Rosberg. "And that makes you even more negative". The German thinks that Charles Leclerc isn't helping either. "Vettel was suddenly no longer the best on the team". At Aston Martin the four-time world champion will perform better again, Rosberg thinks. "There he is the most important one on the team". (Photo: Ferrari F1 Media)




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