Ricciardo about Honda: "I'm not going to say: I told you so!" Formula 1

Ricciardo about Honda: "I'm not going to say: I told you so!"

By Robert McGillivray 09 October 2020 | 05:30

Daniel Ricciardo certainly does not rule out Red Bull Racing and Renault working together again in the near future. Max Verstappen's former teammate knows both teams inside and out, and notes that there is no irreparable damage to the bond between the two parties.

"There are emotions and there is business", explains the Renault driver at the Thursday press conference at the Nürburgring. Although the French engine supplier and Red Bull broke up a few years ago, he still sees a partnership coming into being. "I think they can build a very good relationship with each other."

The 31 year old driver switched to Renault when he was only able to achieve moderate results at Red Bull. However, now that the Austrian team is in trouble with their power source, it's no time to start pointing fingers: "I'm not suddenly going to shout 'I told you so!' at them. This is just part of the sport".

"I hope it's the best for Red Bull"

Christian Horner's team will soon have to look for a new supplier. In any case, Ricciardo gives Red Bull a lot of support. "Hopefully they will soon find a suitable solution," says the driver. The door at Renault remains open. "I don't think anything has happened that can't be repaired, so it's possible." (Photo: Renault Sport Media)



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