Vettel about F1: "Love is different now than it was fourteen years ago" Formula 1

Vettel about F1: "Love is different now than it was fourteen years ago"

By Robert McGillivray 08 October 2020 | 06:26

Sebastian Vettel says he has failed at Ferrari. The German went to the Formula 1 team in 2015 to become world champion, but he failed. In 2021 Vettel will join Aston Martin and finish the Ferrari chapter without a world title. In Beyond the Grid, Tom Clarkson asks how the German looks back on his time with the team.

"I don't think I have regrets looking back at my time at Ferrari," says the four-time world champion. "I did fail. There are things I should have done better, things I should perhaps have seen earlier. But everything that happened brought me to where I am now". The German says he's not the kind of person who looks back and reflects.

"I don't look back," he says. "Unless I can learn something from it, I hope I don't miss it. I have beautiful memories, but I haven't spent much time looking back. I generally look ahead". Vettel started his 250th race in the Russian Grand Prix in F1, putting him in the top ten of drivers with the most starts.

Vettel: "Not fair if you compare it to the past"

"I'm not sure I'm proud of that," Vettel laughs. "But it's not fair to compare it with the past, because they used to have far fewer races than they do now. So I think it's a bit of a fake". The German adds that, in the past, the drivers also drove a lot in other classes, something that doesn't count in the statistics.

Vettel: "Love is different now than it was fourteen years ago"

The former Red Bull driver says he has changed in his time in Formula 1. "I also think it's impossible to hold on to the impression you have at first," he explains. "You grow up and mature. My opinion has changed but I still love the sport. Love is different today than it was fourteen years ago". (Photo: Ferrari F1 Media)



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