Horner critical of FIA and Liberty Media: "Take your responsibility" Formula 1

Horner critical of FIA and Liberty Media: "Take your responsibility"

By Robert McGillivray 07 October 2020 | 03:26

Christian Horner believes that the FIA and Liberty Media should do something about the 'overpriced' power sources in Formula 1. Honda's departure from F1 should be a wake-up call for changes in the sport before it is too late.

"The costs of the power sources are skyrocketing," explains Horner at the Austrian ServusTV. According to the Brit, it's time for a change before more engine suppliers leave Formula 1. The FIA and Liberty Media must take responsibility and cut costs. "They have already made good changes to the chassis, so this has to work too".

There is little time left to implement the changes. "This must be decided in the next six to twelve months, otherwise we'll be too late for the changes to the regulations of 2026", Horner knows. No change means that perhaps more teams will leave the sport: "Let Honda's departure be a wake-up call".

Formula 1 shouldn't expect new engine suppliers

Because of the extremely expensive development costs, Max Verstappen's team boss does not think there will be any interest from new engine suppliers in the coming years. "Entering the sport is simply too expensive", Horner knows. So no one will be coming until 2026. (Photo: Red Bull Content Pool/Getty Images)



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