Wolf on 'Ambassador' Vettel: "I don't rule out he will be buying Aston Martin shares" Formula 1

Wolf on 'Ambassador' Vettel: "I don't rule out he will be buying Aston Martin shares"

By Robert McGillivray 06 October 2020 | 14:40

The German Autobild reports that Sebastian Vettel will only earn EUR 1.3 million as a driver for Aston Martin. However, instead of a higher salary, he will earn extra as an ambassador for the car brand, something from which he will be able to benefit considerably through shares.

In addition to his million-dollar salary, the four-time world champion will receive around 4.2 million euros as an ambassador for Aston Martin. With this, he follows the philosophy of such greats as Niki Lauda. "Give me a dollar for driving and three million for the advertising value of my name," the legendary driver once said successfully to Marlboro. 

Wolff happy third as shareholder Aston Martin

Toto Wolff understands the principle. The Mercedes team boss himself also has shares in the car make and is therefore pleased with the arrival of Vettel. "From the perspective of a shareholder, I think that Vettel is great in the role of ambassador. Germany is one of Aston Martin's largest markets, so that's also working with us".

Apart from the ambassadorship, the four-time world champion only has one important task. "Of course, he's still a driver, it's all about performance on the track," Wolff says. Nevertheless, according to the Austrian, there are more interests in switching to Aston Martin: "I don't rule out him buying a few shares, especially now that the company is still undervalued".

Vettel can grow his own 'salary

As an ambassador, Vettel can therefore increase his assets considerably, provided he buys shares in the company. The more well-known and successful he makes the team in Formula 1, the more Aston Martin's share will increase. Although the construction sounds well thought out by both Vettel and Lawrence Stroll (he pays less salary himself), the ambassadorship has not yet been confirmed by the Racing Point camp. (Photo: Ferrari F1 Media)



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