Albon never suffered from racism: "I even got more funding" Formula 1

Albon never suffered from racism: "I even got more funding"

By Robert McGillivray 03 October 2020 | 11:52

Alexander Albon looks at the debate on inequality in motorsport from the positive side and says that he has benefited from his origins. With his Thai nationality, the Red Bull Racing driver was able to stand out among the drivers, he reports via Racefans. 

"My origins allowed me to excel in the sport," explains the Thai Briton when asked about the disadvantages in the sport with an ethnic background that is not strongly represented. "It was a good way of standing out in the younger racing classes, which gave me even more funding."

So the situation for Albon is different from Lewis Hamilton. The six-time world champion claims to have suffered a lot from racism in sport and therefore calls for more equality in the world of racing. "That was clearly different for me," says Max Verstappen's teammate. "I have always received support from Thailand."

Albon: "I used to be protected quite a lot"

The driver did not really suffer from racism in his youth. "I was quite well protected in my youth", he explains. Albon came from a prosperous environment: "I went to a private school, there were no real problems".

This year, in particular, Lewis Hamilton has used the sport as a podium for black lives matter and anti-racism, for example, and was able to successfully launch major campaigns, such as the black livery of Mercedes cars. The Brit hopes that this will bring about a change in motorsport. (Photo: Red Bull Content Pool/Getty Images)



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