Hamilton: " We cannot give the FIA any more motives to punish us" Formula 1

Hamilton: " We cannot give the FIA any more motives to punish us"

By Robert McGillivray 01 October 2020 | 07:53

Lewis Hamilton says he and Mercedes must ensure that Formula 1 stewards do not have 'even the slightest motive' to punish them. The Briton was given a ten-second time penalty in the Russian Grand Prix after making a test start in the wrong place during the warm-up lap. Hamilton called the penalty 'ridiculous'.

"I think we need to go through the book of rules and underline what rules they can come up with," says the six-time World Champion versus Motorsport. "Rules that have never been sanctioned before. We will try to find out what they (the FIA, ed.) all have and make sure we work safely".

Hamilton thinks there has never been a penalty for an incident like the one in Sochi before. "We'll just have to work hard," he says. "We've been through seasons without penalties, so I'm just making sure they don't have a reason to do anything now".

Hamilton: "They tried to stop me"

The Mercedes driver said after the race that 'they tried to stop him', but took that statement back later. Despite the time penalty in Sochi, Hamilton still managed to finish third. So his lead over Valtteri Bottas was not really compromised.

However, the Brit will have to wait at least another two weeks to match Michael Schumacher's record of 91 Formula 1 victories. Hamilton will have another chance in the Eifel Grand Prix. (Photo: Mercedes AMG F1)



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