Ferrari seems to be taking steps: "Better balance for the SF1000" Formula 1

Ferrari seems to be taking steps: "Better balance for the SF1000"

By Robert McGillivray 29 September 2020 | 10:49

Charles Leclerc's sixth place in the Russian Grand Prix represents a leap in self-confidence for Ferrari. For the first time, the Italian team showed that the SF1000 is reacting to the changes. So the updates made by the team to improve the balance seem to be working. But what exactly has Ferrari changed?

"For the time being, the Scuderia is still in sixth place in the constructors' championship, but there is a very important aspect that is not apparent from the result," Motorsport says. "Leclerc explained that the balance of the SF1000 has improved compared to Mugello." This allowed the Monegasque to increase his pace during the race.

So the changes the team had made in Russia were to improve the car's handling, not its performance. The technicians would have started treatment after months of analysis. As soon as parts are ready, they can be fitted to the car, except for the power source. The teams would have to wait until 2021 to do this.

Changes in Sochi

"In Sochi, some changes have been made that mark the beginning of a new phase", writes Franco Nugnes, editor for the site. "In addition to the adjustments of the wings to the characteristics of the circuit, which was under medium load, there are updates in the nose and in the turntables." 

These updates should make the Ferrari faster on the straights.

"Ferrari, therefore, seems to have found the key to the problem," said Nugnes. At the Nürburgring the team will come again with updates. It will be a bigger package than in Russia. Perhaps the lap times will then go up because it should be remembered that Leclerc's fastest lap was more than two seconds slower than Valtteri Bottas".



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