Alonso: "I've come back to win" Formula 1

Alonso: "I've come back to win"

By Robert McGillivray 29 September 2020 | 10:37

Fernando Alonso indicates that his insatiable hunger to win is the reason for his return to Formula 1. Alonso is looking at and hoping for, change in 2022, but understands that together with Renault, he is by no means the only driver who is betting on the upcoming changes to the regulations.

"I'm not going back to F1 to visit restaurants in every city and take a few flights. I'm going back because I want to win again', the Spaniard said in a conversation with Clarin. In this sport, you win or you lose. Fifth may be better than sixth, but it doesn't change much at the final ranking".

Next year Alonso expects it to be Mercedes again who will dominate the sport: "In 2021 only Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes will win races. Formula 1 has unfortunately got stuck in a period in which competitiveness in the sport is very limited, there is always one team that wins".

Teams focus on 2022

According to Alonso, 2022 is the year in which some other teams could make a serious throw at the title: "Many teams are pinning their hopes on that year. Renault is doing this with me, Ferrari is doing this with Carlos Sainz and Red Bull Racing is counting on Max Verstappen. But that will not happen for another year and a half."

"In 2022 we will have completely new cars, with the goal that a team will knock Mercedes off the throne", the two-time world champion continues. In his eyes, the French team for which he is going to ride is capable of doing so. Yet he warns for Mercedes, even after 2021: "That will not happen just like that."



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