Doornbos: "Wolff sells Mercedes shares for 300 million dollars" Formula 1

Doornbos: "Wolff sells Mercedes shares for 300 million dollars"

By Robert McGillivray 29 September 2020 | 05:21

Toto Wolff strongly denies the news that the Mercedes Formula 1 team will be sold to the chemical company Ineos. But former dutch F1-driver and TV pundit Robert Doornbos has new information that suggests that the team will go on sale, although not as a whole.

On dutch tv channel Ziggo, Doornbos shares more about the situation. "It turns out that part of the F1 team will be sold, not a majority stake. Parent company Daimler holds sixty percent of the shares, that remains the case".

"But the remaining shares of Toto Wolff and the late Niki Lauda will be sold. Ineos will pay 300 million dollars for the remaining 40 percent," says the former F1 driver following a phone call from a source in the automotive industry.

"Wolff will cash in, but the question is whether he will stay with the team after that", continues Doornbos. "After the sale of his shares, he may of course leave and go to the new Aston Martin factory team." Wolff is associated with the British race stable because of his ties with team owner Lawrence Stroll.

Verstappen has to think about whether he wants to go to Mercedes.

In the eyes of Doornbos, this may also close a door for Max Verstappen. "Verstappen will then have to think whether he wants to switch to Mercedes in 2022, because there is a good chance that the team will no longer be so strong. That's also the reason why Hamilton hasn't signed up yet", thinks the former Minardi driver. (Photo: Mercedes AMG F1 Media)



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