Davidson points out error Verstappen: 'He did the same thing last year' Formula 1

Davidson points out error Verstappen: 'He did the same thing last year'

By Robert McGillivray 25 September 2020 | 16:47

Anthony Davidson provides a technical analysis at Sky Sports after Formula 1 sessions. In the most recent edition, he takes us on board with Max Verstappen, Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas.

"We will start with Verstappen in turn two," said Davidson, who drove Formula 1 himself for several years. We see the Dutchman taking kerbstones with him as he takes the corner. Then he has to correct and ends up on the right side of the track. "He did the same thing last year', reports Davidson.

"He takes that kerb and has to go wide into turn two. He's losing a lot of time there," continues the Brit. That left turner following the turn is full throttle, the Red Bull Racing driver will definitely gain time on Saturday and Sunday, Davidson thinks.

Mercedes under the microscope

Hamilton and Bottas are also discussed. We saw Hamilton make mistakes in the second free practice. He braked himself in turn thirteen, where a lot of drivers experienced the same problem. Davidson analyzes the images on board with the Brit.

"We see Hamilton in turn thirteen, where you block your brakes pretty easily. But it's also easy to make a braking error in the turn after that", the old Super Aguri driver knows.

Onboard with Bottas, he points out to the viewer the superior grip of the Mercedes W11: "Bottas, the fastest man of the day, takes a lot of kerbs in turn fifteen. He has so much grip there that he can place the car where he wants to".

"In turn eighteen, he gets on the throttle a little too early. His engineer warned him about that too". That's the kind of action Davidson says where drivers ask too much of the tires. (Photo: Red Bull Content Pool/Getty Images)



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