Sainz on unpredictable form McLaren: "I'd rather not make predictions" Formula 1

Sainz on unpredictable form McLaren: "I'd rather not make predictions"

By Robert McGillivray 25 September 2020 | 10:19

Carlos Sainz Jr. has good hopes for next year. For example, he likes to see himself on the podium with Fernando Alonso. The latter will return to the Renault team next year, Alpine at that time. 

"It would be cool to be on the podium with Alonso," Sainz told Marca. "This year we see cars like Ferrari and Renault on the podium again, so why can't we do it next year?", the Spanish driver asks out loud.

The fact is that the midfield is slowly getting closer to the top, despite the fact that Mercedes continues to dominate the world title undisturbed. "It would also be good for the Spanish fans if we are back on the podium."

McLaren form appears unpredictable

However, Sainz does not want to make any predictions for the Russian Grand Prix, which is scheduled for next weekend. "The predictions I've made over the last two races were both wrong," he refers to the two chaotic weekends at Monza and Mugello. 

"At Monza, I thought it would be fantastic, but it didn't go my way. Then, at Mugello, I thought we were going to have another hard time, but things were going well there. I'll see what happens this weekend". (Photo: McLaren F1 Media)




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