Red Bull's Honda engine won't get upgrades for rest of the year Formula 1

Red Bull's Honda engine won't get upgrades for rest of the year

By Srihari HS 23 September 2020 | 12:56

Honda's executive director, Masafumi Yamamoto, has hinted that the Japanese carmaker will continue to run the same power unit specification through the end of this year. Unfortunately, Red Bull Racing won't get any more power increases this season. The Japanese also believes that Honda is just a little below Mercedes in terms of power.

"Due to regulatory changes, we cannot introduce the updated specifications as easily this year as last year," the Honda F1 CEO said in a conversation with the Japanese Autosport web. "We have been on top of it from the beginning of the year, but have to conclude that we will continue to drive with this specification until the end of the year."

The tightening of the regulations by the FIA makes it hard for the Japanese engine manufacturer to offer adjustments. But they will continue to work on reliability issues for Red Bull and AlphaTauri: "Improvement in reliability can still be implemented, provided the FIA agrees."

Honda loses out to Mercedes

As the World Cup position suggests, Honda internally thinks that they cannot beat Mercedes on engine power: "When we talk about pure power, I think Mercedes is in the lead, then comes Honda, Renault delivers the third strongest engine and Ferrari is at the bottom."

"Unfortunately, I cannot give exact values of the difference between Honda and Mercedes, but it makes little difference!", Yamamoto continued enthusiastically. In his conclusion, he admitted that Mercedes has turned out to be too strong: "They are still outsmarting us, but we can see from the data that we are close." (Photo: Red Bull Content Pool / Getty Images)



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