Horner about Verstappen: "Situation comparable to that of Schumacher at Benetton" Formula 1

Horner about Verstappen: "Situation comparable to that of Schumacher at Benetton"

By Robert McGillivray 22 September 2020 | 15:00

Christian Horner thinks he knows why Max Verstappens teammates have so much trouble matching his speed. To illustrate where the Red Bull Racing men are failing, he draws a comparison with seven-time world champion Michael Schumacher.

"I'm happy to compare the situation to Schumacher's at Benetton," reports the Red Bull team boss in conversation with ESPN. "In the 1990s there were very few teammates who could drive the Benetton car the way he did. I think Max is doing the same with our car."

Horner explains exactly where the crux is with Alexander Albon, and previously Pierre Gasly and Daniel Ricciardo: "Some of the peculiarities of the RB16 don't scare Verstappen off, he knows how to deal with them. Gasly, Ricciardo had a lot of trouble with that and Albon finds that difficult now".

Due to the disappointing performance of the Thai, Red Bull needs to resolve the issues in the car: "That's why we as a team are now focusing on balancing the car and reducing the sensitivity of the machine in some areas".

Difficult to focus on Albon

However, Horner indicates that at Red Bull they find it difficult to focus on Albon's problems with the car: "It remains a dilemma because you will always develop according to the path that gives you the fastest lap time, that's the way it is".

Sometimes the drivers don't talk about the same problems and then you instinctively tend to listen to the fastest driver. What that means exactly leaves Horner in the middle, but we can assume it means that Verstappens feedback outweighs Albon's feedback. (Photo: Red Bull Content Pool/Getty Images)



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