Hughes: "AlphaTauri can upgrade 'for free' to Red Bull rear" Formula 1

Hughes: "AlphaTauri can upgrade 'for free' to Red Bull rear"

By Robert McGillivray 22 September 2020 | 03:17

Formula 1 has had some spectacular races this season, but after nine Grand Prix weekends in eleven weeks, there was a break last weekend. Mark Hughes thinks it's a good time to take a closer look at the developments in the regulations and their effects. "The battles didn't just take place on the track."

"As part of further cost reduction, only three development upgrades can be made to a car next year," writes Hughes in Motorsport Magazine. "A complex set of regulations where some components are given a single token value and others two. Components with a single token value can be upgraded twice, those with two only once."

For customer teams, such as Racing Point and AlphaTauri, an exception has been made. The two teams are currently driving with 2019 components from the Mercedes and Red Bull Racing rear respectively, and want to upgrade to the 2020 specification. "There's no need to use a token, which has annoyed Ferrari, Renault and McLaren," writes Hughes.

"Red Bull and Mercedes rear end major upgrade"

The rear of the 2020 versions of both Mercedes and Red Bull are major technological upgrades that provide cleaner airflow in an extremely aerodynamically productive part of the car. Ferrari, in its appeal to the FIA's brake duct decision on Racing Point, also spoke of the free token, but after dropping the protests by the Italian team, it remains there. (Photo: Red Bull Content Pool / Getty Images)



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