Brown: "That would only be to the advantage of unstable teams" Formula 1

Brown: "That would only be to the advantage of unstable teams"

By Robert McGillivray 17 September 2020 | 13:33

McLaren says they are not interested in an earlier transition from 2021 drivers to their new teams. The drivers would then have a head start in getting to know their new team. However, McLaren-CEO Zak Brown is vehemently against this.

Brown says to Motorsport the solid relationship his team still has with Carlos Sainz contrasts with the problems some rivals have. "We are happy with our current driver couple," he says. "I think we have two drivers who are doing an excellent job."

Brown wants to continue the 'harmonious relationship' the team has with its drivers. "I think if we were to consider changing that, it might only be to the advantage of other teams who are a little less stabilised," he says.

Brown: "Our aim is to beat Mercedes"

McLaren is currently in third place in the constructors' championship and has a good chance of retaining that place. Although there are opportunities for the team this season, there is also a longer-term goal. "In the end, our goal is to beat Mercedes," said Brown. "It is encouraging that we are doing well this year."

The McLaren-CEO thinks the new regulations in 2022 will give the team 'great opportunities'. "It's good that we're closing that gap," he says. "Having said that, Renault is coming on strong and Racing Point is fast and has just attracted a four-time world champion." (Photo: McLaren F1 Media)



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