Renault: "There was debris stuck in Ocon's brakes" Formula 1

Renault: "There was debris stuck in Ocon's brakes"

By Robert McGillivray 16 September 2020 | 14:44

Renault's sports director Alan Permane has explained what exactly went wrong for Esteban Ocon during the Tuscan Grand Prix. The Frenchman had to stop the race prematurely after his brakes were on fire.

"When the safety car came out (after several drivers crashed at the finish line, ed.) debris got stuck in Ocon's brake discs," says the British Renault man via Motorsport. 

In the pit lane, the alarm bells were ringing: "We then saw the temperature of the brakes increase astronomically and a brake wire broke. There was brake fluid everywhere on the back of the car".

Renault had to stop the race

Renault had no choice but to take Ocon's car off the track: "We couldn't do anything during that red flag. The brakes were irreparably damaged. (Photo: Renault Sport Media)



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