Italian F1 expert: "At the moment Ferrari is a disaster" Formula 1

Italian F1 expert: "At the moment Ferrari is a disaster"

By Robert McGillivray 15 September 2020 | 16:00

For many Formula 1 fans, it hurts to see Ferrari perform so badly. But for an Italian Formula 1 fan, it hurts even more. Italian Formula 1 expert Davide Valsecchi says in the F1 Nation podcast that Ferrari's season is "a disaster".

During this season's winter test, Ferrari didn't want to know anything about the team's difficult year ahead. Now, after nine races, the Italian Formula 1 team is sixth in the constructors' championship. Italian rival AlphaTauri is only 13 points behind.

"In Italy, everyone is pushing Ferrari," Valsecchi begins. "The team is not maintaining the level at the moment and I'm a little disappointed." Valsecchi sums up Ferrari's season so far as 'a disaster'. "One of the drivers is a four-time world champion and the other is one of the greatest talents of the last twenty years. It's all very disappointing."

Valsecchi: "Nothing is in the right place right now"

"So right now Ferrari is a disaster," says the Italian. "The car isn't fast enough and they often have mechanical problems. Nothing is in the right place at the moment". Mugello was disappointing again, Valsecchi said. The only good thing about the race weekend was Charles Leclerc's qualifying lap.

"The rest were all bad," the Formula One expert continued. "Apart from the start, where Leclerc won two positions. But after that it was another disaster. They were far too slow on the straight. Leclerc also realized there was no way to race like this." (Photo: Ferrari F1 Media)



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