Brawn talks Bottas: "Defeated again by Hamilton" Formula 1

Brawn talks Bottas: "Defeated again by Hamilton"

By Robert McGillivray 15 September 2020 | 07:07

Valtteri Bottas seemed to be able to win the Grand Prix of Tuscany after a good start, but at the end of the race the Finn had to acknowledge his superior in teammate Lewis Hamilton. Ross Brawn argues that this loss comes harder to Bottas than usual. 

How does he get over this?

"Bottas will leave Tuscany believing that the biggest trophy was his. He had everything under control after he took the lead from Hamilton at the start," writes Brawn in his weekly column. But at the restart, the Mercedes driver relinquished the lead. "He let victory slip through his fingers and will now have trouble accepting it. He has been defeated again by the reigning champion".

Brawn thinks Bottas will look to himself to find out how he can prevent this from happening in the future. "This will hurt him. He'll ask himself what he can do to beat his teammate. It's a mental battle, because he has the speed. But Lewis is unparalleled, takes every opportunity and rarely gives presents". (Photo: Mercedes AMG F1 Media)



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