Masi about crash on restart: "Lights out no later than on other tracks" Formula 1

Masi about crash on restart: "Lights out no later than on other tracks"

By Robert McGillivray 14 September 2020 | 12:45

Racing director Michael Masi doesn’t want to hear about the 'rather offensive' claim by drivers that safety was compromised at the first restart in Mugello. Four drivers were unable to resume the race after a crash at the restart. Lewis Hamilton blamed the crash on the safety car, which would have turned off the lights too late.

Hamilton said that the FIA is trying to make Formula 1 more exciting and that they are trying to turn off the safety car lights later and later. The leader of the race may then set the pace until the race is resumed. Masi resolutely rejects the suggestion that safety has been compromised in order to achieve a more exciting restart.

"Absolutely not," he says at RaceFans. "From an FIA perspective, safety comes first, full stop. So is my role as race director and safety representative. Anyone who says something else is actually quite insulting”.

Masi: “Lights go out no later than on other tracks".

"The timing of the decision to extinguish the safety car lights did not play a role in the crash," according to Masi. "They can criticise anything they want," he says. "But if we look at the distance perspective from where the lights were switched off to the control line, it's probably no different than on some other tracks".

"At the end of the day the safety car lights go out where they go out," Masi continues. "The safety car is in the pit lane, we have 20 of the best drivers in the world. And as we did earlier in the Formula 3-race, where a similar restart took place, it can be done without incidents". (Photo: YouTube/Formula 1)




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