Update | Horner: "Newey will be with the team next year" Formula 1

Update | Horner: "Newey will be with the team next year"

By Robert McGillivray 25 September 2020 | 13:43

The upcoming Aston Martin factory team (now Racing Point, ed.) is looking in to hiring Adrian Newey. Sources report this to La Gazzetta dello Sport. Newey is regarded as the best Formula 1 designer in the world and is under contract with Red Bull Racing

Newey is seen by Lawrence Stroll, one of the team's investors, as a top priority on the road to victories in F1. Earlier this week, the team already contracted Sebastian Vettel, who will leave Ferrari after this season, as is well known. 

Newey has been head of aerodynamics since 2006 and is at the helm of the company's design department. Under Newey's leadership, the team managed to win eight world titles and Aston Martin hopes that Newey will be able to repeat that trick with the factory team. 

The eight world titles (four manufacturer and four driver championships) were won by Vettel as a Red Bull driver. So now a new collaboration between Newey and Vettel is beckoning. Newey is no stranger to Aston Martin. He helped develop the Aston Martin Valkyrie on behalf of Red Bull. (Photo: Getty Images/Red Bull Content Pool)

Update | Marko denies Newey's departure: "He is under contract with Red Bull"

Rumours that Red Bull Head designer Adrian Newey may be on his way to Racing Point, the future Aston Martin, do little to the team management. After hearing the news, Helmut Marko waved the information away.

Talking to Auto Bild, Red Bull's advisor says Newey won't leave at all. "It's certain Adrian won't leave because he's under contract with us," Marko said.

The Austrian has a suspicion of his own which has led to rumours in the Italian media. "Adrian has recently challenged a rare Aston Martin. He thanked Lawrence Stroll for that. That's all", concludes Marko.

Update II 13.31h (25/09) | Horner: "Newey will be with the team next year"

Red Bull Racing team boss Christian Horner says Adrian Newey will stay with the team from Austria next year. There were rumours that Newey would make the move to Aston Martin when the English carmaker ends its partnership with Red Bull next season.

"Adrian is very happy with the team," said the Red Bull team boss at Friday's press conference ahead of the Russian Grand Prix. "He likes to work in our working environment." According to Horner, the engineer is still motivated and will definitely be with the team next year. Newey has been working for the Austrian Formula 1 team since 2006. (Photo: Red Bull Content Pool / Getty Images)



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