Berger advises Vettel: "You should withdraw" Formula 1

Berger advises Vettel: "You should withdraw"

By Robert McGillivray 04 August 2020 | 12:19

Sebastian Vettel should make the honourable decision and withdraw from the sport, says former F1 driver Gerhard Berger to Speedweek. According to him, Vettel should keep the honour to himself: "He has already been world champion four times"

"My advice is to withdraw," Berger tells Vettel. However, according to the former driver, there is one alternative: "Vettel is a thoroughbred racer, he wants to win races again. Racing Point is now best suited for that, it is, in any case, a realistic alternative to Ferrari".

The four-time world champion is doing everything in his power to remain active in Formula 1. Racing Point, which will be Aston Martin's factory team next year, seems to be the main option for Vettel. 

Ferrari has to close a huge gap with Mercedes

A championship for Vettel with Ferrari is out of the question. The performance of the Scuderia also lags behind: "Ferrari is still looking to catch up with some 70 or 80 horsepower. That will take a year or two", Berger says. (Photo: Ferrari F1 Media)



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